A Message from our President

Our Friends,

We now wake to a new reality every morning; a reality that often seems irrational, selfish and fueled by fear and uncertainty. A reality that hasn’t provided the obvious common enemy that we have used in the past to come together and rally to defeat. Instead, we are being asked to distance ourselves from each other at a time when others need help.

We here at Las Vegas Expo/Complete Show Services all hope your family and extended work families are unaffected and healthy…that is what’s important.   We would also like to send our sympathy and absolute positive thoughts to anyone who is being impacted personally or in your communities. 

We, as a company, have come together and made some very difficult decisions to insure our ability to continue to service the needs of our clients, while protecting our employees, families, neighbors and friends during this time. We will continue to move forward and to be available to those who also need to continue to move forward, despite the uncertainties of where we will all be in four, six or even eight weeks. We are confident that our lives will return to normal, and our normal means helping our clients prepare and plan for their event. Our goal is always to assist our clients in being as successful as they can, and if we have to do that from our homes instead of our offices, so be it.  

So much is unknown right now. Insuring our loved ones safety has become a much larger use of our mental bandwidth than usual.  We hope the knowledge that we are staying operational will be helpful to our clients, giving confidence that we are still here, and that we are still going to do what we say we are going to do, and that this can at least make one less thing unknown.

We are open and standing by, ready to assist. We can’t wait to see all of you, in person, at shows again soon.

Stay healthy, be safe,

Nick Cordaro
Las Vegas Expo
Complete Show Services

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